EPP Electronic Production Partners GmbH was founded in 1987 and is a competent and experienced supplier of production systems for manufacturers of automotive, communication, medical, military, space and industrial electronics. The parts that are produced with our systems you will find in cars, cell phones, PCs, cameras, PDAs, satellites, hearing aids and many other areas.

EPP delivers stand alone or integrated systems solutions and takes full responsibility of its products in terms of technical suppport, software integration, automation, maintenance and general performance.

The product range includes Laser Trimmers for thick and thin film ceramic electronics, Wafer Processing Laser Systems and Wafer Markers, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) systems for ceramic hybrids and interposers (carriers of DRAM memory devices), Mixed Signal and Imaging Chip Test Systems, High Temperature Belt Furnaces for sintering ceramics & wafers, Analytical Wafer/Die Probing Stations and components such as laser lamps and probe cards or probes.

In most projects EPP is developing the application and integrates the systems into fully automatic production lines. Customer training and full after sales support with labor and parts is a very important aspect of EPP's full project coverage.

Among EPP's customers you will find the finest and most respected companies in the world-wide electronic industry.

EPP is also the worldwide sales and marketing organization for Stratus Vision GmbH.

Based in Hong Kong, PASS ltd. is able to supply immediate supply and sales services to all of Asia. With local partners in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and India the Pass ltd. sales team is also available throughout Asia. With experience in the fields of solar production and ceramic based chip production Pass ltd. is able to supply the necessary machines, materials, technology transfer and installation with their partners. Pass ltd. suppliers have long term experience with the production in their own field. Since the fields of application for Pass ltd. systems stretch from the automotive to the medical industry Pass ltd. works together with many universities, productions and research facilities for both R&D and technology transfer.