Welcome to Stratus Vision

Stratus Vision GmbH, a sister company of EPP Electronic Production Partners GmbH (same key shareholders), is designing and producing AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) systems and technology since 2003.

AOI - Automated Optical Inspection

Our Core Technology is: Inspection of Ceramic Mulitlayer Hybrids, LTCCs, HTCCs, interposers, sensors and other substrates, whereby a camera (line scan or field camera) scans over the parts under test.

The STRATUS VISION AOI Systems will find typical defects (on wet or dry layers):

  • Print shifts
  • Scratches
  • Finger prints
  • Screen aging
  • Excess paste
  • Missing paste
  • Contamination
  • Screen defects (holes)
  • Wrong Screen
  • Substrate shrinking (LTCC)
  • VIA: Wrong position or diameter or non-circularity, not filled
  • Ditches (divots) or elevations

In-Line and Off-Line Inspection as well as any degree of automation can be delivered. The inspection process itself is always automatic, even on systems that are manually loaded/unloaded.

STRATUS VISION GmbH is holding the following patents (other patents pending):

  • German patent Nr. 10 2004 056 698
  • USA patent US 7,385,687 B2
  • Europe Patent # 186 4146

Sales Partner

EPP Electronic Production Partners

EPP is the worldwide sales and marketing organization for Stratus Vision GmbH and it is also a supplier of other production systems like: Laser Trimmers, Sintering Furnaces, Production systems for Solar Modules.
In most projects, EPP and STRATUS VISION are developing the application and integrate the systems into fully automatic production lines. Customer training and full after sales support with labor and parts are a very important aspect of EPP's full project coverage.
Please visit our partner at www.epp-germany.com.