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Semi-Automatic optical inspection machine

Our INREMA solution is our manual inspection solution for
reticles and chrome masks. Designed for use within the highest standard cleanrooms all movement within the system is implemented through air bearing slides and there is no movement above the reticle surface that could contaminate the product. The system is designed to handle all sizes of reticles from 6” to 14“ with super fast and easy nest exchange within 30 seconds. The system would inspect reticles against CAD data and ensure optimal die to database capability. Setup time is typically below 3 minutes per reticle and inspection time for 12” reticles can be as fast as 38 minutes. Defect finding capability is defined through a technical mask and is repeatable and verifiable over the entire mask with identical results. During the process of defect detection the system also records and reports the absolut height values over the entire reticle surface and allows to control for variances and damages. The inspection results can be exported to almost any repair tool and a control after repair is easily performed with no additional setup time. Most importantly the system is designed with very low total cost of ownership in mind and therefore has no consumables or scheduled replacement parts. The review process incorporates a seconds camera that allows to easily identify chrome against other materials. The materials that are inspected or measured are usually sodalime, quartz or borofloat with high reflective or anti reflective chrome that has been structured by laser.

System Small Resolution (SR) High Resolution (HR) Ultra High Resolution (UHR)
Pixel (mm)
S3 Sensitivity
S1 Sensitivity
Minimum linewidth
Minimum contact hole
Minimum feature size
Inspection rate (min/cm^2)
Setup Time / 9" Plate (min)

Designed for


Length x Width x Height: 1808 mm x 1616 mm x 1660 mm

Weight: 3500 kg

Color: RAL 9003

Welded Steel frame

Granite base

Flexible Monitor arm

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