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Kelvin Test Tweezers

Accurate low value testing of DCR
Kelvin Test Tweezers

M354, M355 and 356 Kelvin test tweezers are purpose designed for accurately testing low values of DCR on chip components including resistors, multi-layer inductors, wound inductors, ferrite inductor beads, common mode chokes, chip fuses and any other chip component in the 0201 up to 1 inch plus size range (metric 0603 up to 2.5cm plus). M354 can be for most applications for chip sizes 0603 up to 1812 (metric 1608 up to 4832). M355 is for very large components and M356 is for very small chips in the size range 0201 up to 0603 (metric 0603 up to 1608). The test contacts are true Kelvin contacts, the two electrodes in a Kelvin contact being insulated from each other all the way to the surface of the chip with an insulator that is 0.003” thick. With these Kelvin tweezers and a good meter, micro-ohms can be measured with precision.

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