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Stratus Vision at the Productronica China

Visit our booth at the Produtronica trade fair in Shanghai (20-22nd of March), where we will be unveiling cutting-edge inspection systems for wire bonding and photomask inspection.

Stratus Vision at the SMTconnect Nuernberg

Join us at the SMTconnect exhibition in Nurenberg (11-13th of June), where we are excited to unveil our latest advancements in inspection and handling solutions. Discover innovative technologies designed to enhance efficiency and precision in the electronics manufacturing process at our booth.

Stratus Vision at the SMTconnect Nuernberg

At the upcoming SPIE conference in Monterey Bay (29th of September - 3rd of October), we will be highlighting our state-of-the-art photomask inspection solutions, pushing the boundaries of precision and quality in optical manufacturing. Explore the latest advancements in optical inspection technology at our exhibit and witness a new era in quality assurance.

Stratus Vision Expands Distribution in Germany with Adding Reflow Oven by BTU

Stratus Vision GmbH is pleased to announce that it has expanded its distribution relationship with BTU International, Inc. to include PYRAMAX reflow ovens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stratus Vision at the SMT Show in Nuernberg

Stratus Vision will be presenting their Inspection solutions on the SMT Show in Nuernberg. There you can find a live demo of the new Wirebond-Inspection. Beside the individual inspection solutions, you can learn more about our AI-module for the AOI - the first one worldwide.
BTU International will join Stratus Vision on the show and present the Pyramax reflow furnace and additonal modules.
Find us at 4A-411 !

Stratus Vision at the Prodcutronica Show in Munich

Come and visit our booth at the Productronica Show in Munich (16-19 November) !

BTU and Stratus Vision join forces and become partners

BTU International Inc. and Stratus Vision GmbH sign a Sales and Support Distributor Agreement EPP and BTU have parted ways in a mutually beneficial agreement. As part of that agreement Stratus Vision will support BTU sales and technical support for customers with high temperature furnaces. As of 2.8.2020 Stratus Vision will become the BTU distributor in the central European region. All current customers that require technical support will get their service from Stratus Vision. BTU UK technical team will continue to back-up that support as they always have. Ensuring fast and professional response. The key employees related to the BTU products in the past will continue to support you in all furnace related requirements through Stratus Vision in the future. The synergy between the products of Stratus Vision and BTU is indisputable and offers great advantages for your process. We, at Stratus Vision, wish EPP every success in the future and thank them for the friendly and professional cooperation over the last years.

Sales Partnership with EPP comes to an end

After about 17 years of cooperation together with EPP we are happy to announce a new development for our company. Both EPP and Stratus Vision have come to a mutual agreement to end the worldwide distribution contract under which EPP was responsible for the sales and support of the Stratus Vision Equipment. The past years have shown great growth and market acceptance of the Stratus Vision inspection solutions for Wafers, Roll to Roll, LTCC, HTCC and Hybrid circuits. Through EPPs efforts Stratus Vision’s easy to use inspection and metrology tools have become widely popular in the electronic industry. After an intense evaluation, both EPP and Stratus Vision have concluded that their respective futures would be better served in using separate sales channels. This change has been carried out in an atmosphere of mutual good will. With the acquisition of EPP, through the Photonics Systems Group, EPP’s focus has shifted more strongly to laser trimming and system development. While Stratus Vision continues to be committed to its customers in the general electronics sector. As of the 1st of July, Stratus Vision will take on responsibility for worldwide sales and support of its own inspection equipment. Although our official partnership is ending with EPP our friendships there are not. We will both work together to ensure an easy transition.