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Stratus III Inline

An automatic inspection solution for boards

Our Stratus III Inline solution is our automatic solution to inspect rigid boards (Ceramic, PCB, etc.) in an automated conveyor based solution. This system offers maximum speed and toplight flexibility with great cost efficiency. Substrates up to a size of 10″ x 10″ can be inspected for excess paste, missing paste, smearing, narrowing, mouse bites, holes, via covering, sprayers, bleeding of paste, contamination, print shifts, substrate shrinking, screen aging, etc, and it differentiates between random and serial defects.

The materials that are inspected are usually conductor materials (like silver or silver palladium), resistor paste, cover glass, adhesives, printed or electroplated gold, etc., and our technology detects all defects that are relevant in modern fine line screen printing. With our specially designed flipping module the back side can be inspected. The tendency goes to even finer structures. On prints with less than 50 µm line widths, inspection with the human eye is not possible or very unreliable. The STRATUS VISION AOI systems can inspect a 10” x 10” substrate in less than 10 seconds and find defects between 0.2µm and 30µm (depends on pixel size). Wet (directly after screen printing) or dry surfaces can be inspected.

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