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Offline Flex

Manual Inspection solution for most product types

Our OFFLINE FLEX solution is our manual solution for a wide array of applications. The system is designed to handle foils, Ceramic thin fi lm products, Wafers, PCBs or DCBs. The system would inspect substrates for excess paste, missing paste, smearing, narrowing, mouse bites, holes, via covering, sprayers, bleeding of paste, contamination, print shifts, substrate shrinking, screen aging, etc, and it differentiates between random and serial defects. As well as inspect for different defect types the system is a full automated metrology solution that allows for fast measurement of thousands of values within few seconds. The capabilities of metrology usually exceed those of comparable CMM systems for similar applications.
The materials that can be inspected or measured are usually conductive materials (like silver or silver palladium), resistor paste, cover glass, adhesives, gold, etc., and it detects all defects that are relevant in modern electronics production. The tendency goes to ever finer structures. On circuits with less than 50 μm line widths, inspection with the human eye is not possible or very unreliable. The STRATUS VISION AOI systems can inspect a 10” x 10” substrate in less than 10 seconds and fi nd defects between 0.2 μm and 30 μm (depending on pixel size).

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