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Wirebond Inspection



Stratus Visions unique approach relies on CAD data as the input for setting up our wirebond inspection. The benefit of this is in heavily reduced setup times and greater simplicity of the inspection. While we inspect each and every wirebond with reference to it’s intended position our CAD based approach will also find all chips and positions, as well as base structures and compare these to the database. Therefore, very simple and automatable setup results, in highly reliable inspection, with tight tolerances and great reproducibility. 


Thorough inspection of wire loops and flat wires – no detail goes unchecked 

Streamlined inspection of DCB, chip and wirebond – all in one step


Precise detection of potential wire touch points – clearly marked for easy analysis

Dynamic component inspection – automatic shifting of rules for accurate detection

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Solderpaste blobs that connect wirebonds are found

Unique advantages

Stratus Visions unique approach to inspection has transferred to the wirebond space to create one of the most comprehensive solutions available at this time. Our fast image acquisition technique enables image capture within seconds for large area substrates or substrates in carriers. We coupled this with our state of the art inspection approach, that will help you solve your most complex inspection requirements with great success and ease. Setup is generally made with CAD data as input to ensure fast setup times, as well as simple and fast transfer to other machines or product types. While we use CAD data as input, our solutions offer high flexibility in recognising standard production variance and shift. Stratus Visions approach derived from our background in flex substrate inspection, finds each component individually and identifies all defects and criteria based on the identified position rather than its designed position.

Stratus Visions inspection solutions are constantly developed to be on the landing edge of technology and therefore we have integrated AI defect classification deep into the software core to help you reduce operator input and improve output. All of Stratus Vision systems, while performing their inspection tasks, are also fully blown metrology solutions, that can measure and report on different critical dimensions, as well as fail for tolerance on measurements. Our software is constantly under development and our hardware is independent so you can purchase almost any of our inspection solutions and get the full benefit of the software adapted for each unique hardware setup. OPC/UA and SECS/GEM integration is available as well as review and offline programming stations. 

This application runs best on our:

Stratus III Inline 

Offline Flex

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